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About FARM

Fortville Area Resource Mission (FARM) was established due to the concern of food scarcity in the Vernon Township and surrounding areas. Due to the COVID pandemic concerns, the Vernon Township trustees began to work with the community food pantries to better address the growing need of food relief in our community. Additional church leaders outside of the food pantries committed to help fill the gap that the existing food pantries could not address. Fortville Christian Church was willing to give up existing facility space to better address the quickly growing need. Four other churches joined them in this effort by providing funding and volunteers to make sure that families were receiving basic food and personal care items within our community. The FARM was developed as a result of the collaborative efforts of these individual leaders in early 2021. Today we have seven churches and numerous businesses which support our mission. The intent of FARM is to serve our community by providing food relief showing the love and grace of Christ to all who come into contact with this mission. 


The Fortville Area Resource Mission (FARM) enriches our community physically, mentally and spiritually. 


FARM inspires our community by providing resources for transformational growth.

Service Area:

Hancock County, Pendleton and Ingalls 

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